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  • Cambodia Eat & Drink

    Cambodia Eat & Drink

    Khmer food is tasty and cheap and is invariably accompanied by rice (or occasionally noodles). And unlike its Thai and Lao neighbours, Cambodians generally do not have a taste for spicy hot food, and black pepper is the preferred choice in cooking instead of chilli peppers which are usually served on the side. Typical Khmer […]

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  • Cambodia Health & Safety

    Cambodia Health & Safety

    Cambodia is a safe and friendly country, with the usual exception for large cities late at night, particularly Phnom Penh, and unobserved luggage or wallets. Bag snatching, even from those on bicycles and motorcycles, is a problem in Phnom Penh. Be discreet with your possessions, especially cash and cameras, and as always, take extra care […]

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  • Cambodia Attractions Sites

    Cambodia Attractions Sites

    SIEM REAP, HOME OF ANGKOR The Angkor Civilization During the Angkor period, Cambodia was the largest, most powerful and prosperous nation in the Southeast Asia region. The Khmer civilization had reached it peak during the 9th – 13th century AD. Evidence of its glory is can be found in the area of land covered by […]

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  • Cambodia Visa

    Cambodia Visa

    All visitors, except citizens of Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam need a visa to enter Cambodia. The official price for a tourist visa is US$20, and US$25 for a business visa – but expect much higher prices (US$30 or more for the tourist visa) to be demanded at land border crossings. Visas can […]

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  • Cambodia History

    Cambodia History

    Cambodia has had a pretty bad run of luck for the last half-millennium or so. Ever since the fall of Angkor in 1431, the once mighty Khmer Empire has been plundered by all its neighbours. It was colonized by the French in the 19th century, and during the 1970s suffered heavy carpet bombing by the […]

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