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Bassac Cruiser


– The Bassac is entirely built of wood, from the hull of an 80-foot-long rice barge.
– She can accommodate up to 12 passengers in six nicely decorated cabins, each with air-con and a private bathroom, and features a 100 sqft restaurant that opens all around, a large gallery, a small office room and 700 sqft of sundeck.
– The Bassac can take her passengers on cruises up to seven days without stopping, and offers a great flexibility in programming your journey.

Main technical facts:

  • Flag: Vietnam
  • Class: VR-SI, river cruiser
  • Displacement: 107 metric tons
  • Length: 24.40m
  • Beam:  5.50m
  • Draft: 1.50m half-loaded
  • Propulsion: Caterpillar 14,6 liters, 400 BHP, built to run 5000 hours per year
  • Navigation: Can operate by night and in bad weather
  • Autonomy: 7 days cruise
Owing to its large new engine and revised hydraulics, the Bassac can pull up to 10 knots and face the powerful Mekong, even facing strong currents.
As the Bassac has a shallow draft, she can go through all the main waterways regardless of the tide.
– 6 cabins in the front of the main deck: 4 with twin bedding, 2 with a double bed.
  • Heat and sound insulation in each cabin.
  • Air conditioning, private access.
  • En suite bathroom with shower and toilet
– The comfortable cabins are set in the front of the Bassac and well insulated so as to provide the passengers with a good night’s sleep even if under way.
– They are entirely fitted with wood, and equipped as rooms in a good hotel.

Restaurant and bar:
– The 500 square feet at the stern of the main deck accommodate the restaurant and the bar can be completely opened to outside for you to enjoy the evening.
– Upper deck 1500 square feet, mostly shaded.
– The front is fit for sunbathing and rest on sunbathing couches;
– The bar at the back welcomes you for a drink outside as the sun sets.
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