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Cooking Class

  • Duration: 1 days -1 nights
  • Trip Code: HDT27
  • Price: Price From: $55 - $65

If you by nature enjoy Vietnamese food and are interested in learning the art of Vietnamese cuisine from hanoi chefs who are expert in teaching on Vietnamese - style cooking, we offer an authentic Vietnamese cooking course. In class, you will be equipped with your very own cooking station, without sharing with others and necessary cooking utensils, you also prepare and cook all dishes by yourself under the instruction of the chef from the beginning to the end.

  • meals included:: Dinner

09.00(16.00): Meet the chef in the restaurant, the cooking program will be discussed with the group.
09.15(16.15): Take a little walk to Hang be market, you will be fascinated with every step by the color, noise and the smells of the foods.
Stroll around to visit distinct food sections with their variety of herbs, vegetables, meat and sea food which brings you very close to the simple life.
It is very interesting to see and to learn how a local woman chooses and buys the best quality of the fresh food from numerous food stalls in the market.
10.30(17.30): Back to restaurant for a little rest, you will enjoy Hanoi filtered coffee or jasmine tea (coffee and tea are complimentary).
Cooking methods and utensils will be placed properly on each table.


Step 1: Introduction
Brief introduction on Vietnamese food, ingredients, compliments, cooking utensils.

Step 2: Prepare to cook
Washing hands with clean towel, wearing apron and plastic gloves

Step 3: Cook and enjoy
You will prepare and cook by yourself under the instruction of the chef from the beginning to the end, learning how to marinate and to spice will be the most crucial lesson. You will also enjoy decorating dishes with carrot flowers, lemon grass stems, banana leaves and curved chili.

The authentic magical sauce mixed from fish sauce, water, sugar, lime, chili, garlic and herbs is very easy to make.
12.00(19.00): Have lunch (dinner)

Your lesson of cooking class is guaranteed to be educational and memorable. You will go home happy with a high confidence to be able to set an elaborate dinner party for your friends and families back home.

Hotel Class Price in party of Single
2 pax 3 - 4 pax 5 - 6 pax 7 - 8 pax 9 - 10 pax
Rates $ 65 $ 63 $ 58 $ 56 $ 55   Booking
(Seasonal prices apply and will be confirmed when booking! All rates are quoted in US$/person)

Tour price includes:

  • All pick ups and transfer
  • All entrance fees
  • Lunch and learn fee
  • Tour guide
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