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Laos Package Tours

  • Unveil mystery Laos – 6days

    Unveil mystery Laos – 6days

    This multi desination tour combines the historical city of Luang Prabang, the Plain of Jars site at Xieng khouang and the pleasant capital of Vientiane. Although a small country, Laos is rich with attractions, culture and mystery. Laos preserves its...

    Trip Code: LPT15

    Duration: 6 days - 5 nights

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  • Spirit of Laos – 8days

    Spirit of Laos – 8days

    This tour brings you to the most famous sites in Laos, discover the magnificent landscape and lifestyle of ethnic minority groups in Laos. You will experience a unique and great hospitality as well as great nature here in Laos.

    Trip Code: LPT14

    Duration: 8 days - 7 nights

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  • Mystery of Laos – 5days

    Mystery of Laos – 5days

    Discover the secrets of Laos with this journey to some of the most interesting places in Laos. Rich history and culture, World Heritage sites as well as the magic Mekong and the beautiful and scenic Luang Prabang make this tour a wonderful...

    Trip Code: LPT13

    Duration: 5 days - 4 nights

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  • Luang Prabang Wonder – 4days

    Luang Prabang Wonder – 4days

    Be prepared to blown away by the array of temples, the culture and the relaxed pace of life in Luang Prabang! The beautiful city located on the confluence of the Nam Ou and the Mekong River and is made up of distinctive colonial architecture and...

    Trip Code: LPT12

    Duration: 4 days - 3 nights

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  • Laos Revealed Classic Laos – 4days

    Laos Revealed Classic Laos – 4days

    A tour combining the two magical cities takes you through the history of the land of a million elephants. Highlights of this tour include exploring the unique temple architecture of Luang Prabang, the astonishing views over the city from the top of...

    Trip Code: LPT11

    Duration: 4 days - 3 nights

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  • Images of Laos – 6days

    Images of Laos – 6days

    Visit Vientiane - a fascinating capital, visit royal temple of Wat Prakeo, That Luang Stupa. Taking take pictures of the imposing Patuxay Monument. Visit Vang Xang, famous for its archeological site dating back to the 11th century. Visit the...

    Trip Code: LPT10

    Duration: 6 days - 5 nights

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  • Cultural heritage – 4days

    Cultural heritage – 4days

    Luang Prabang had the longest monarch in Southeast Asia with more than 62 kings over 600 years. This tour takes you through a myriad of temples that were left behind after the monarchy. UNESCO preserves this historical city, known as one of the last...

    Trip Code: LPT09

    Duration: 4 days - 3 nights

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