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It’s the age of tailor made tours for office workers

Tailor made tours have become more and more popular in Vietnam. Travelers, especially office workers, choose the tours because the tours can be designed to fit the taste of travelers, while the expenses are not overly high.

Experts say tailor made tours are suitable to the office workers, who do not have overly high incomes and their time is not flexible. Tailor made tours usually have reasonable prices, designed for short term holidays with near and familiar destinations. However, the tours have a big advantage that they are designed in specific ways to fit the taste of travelers, so that travelers can spend their time well together with relatives and friends.

In Vietnam, tailor made tours seem to be more popular in HCM City than other cities and provinces. The eventful life of Saigonese and the bustling travel activities have both led to the higher demand for tailor made tours there.

Nguyen Huu Tho, an engineer born in the north who has settled in HCM City, said that previously, when he lived in Hanoi, he always thought that one should think of traveling only when he has a lot of money. However, he has changed his mind since the day she moved to HCM City.

“Most of the young families in HCM City spend their time to take two travel trips a year,” Tho said. “Traveling does not always mean going to the places where people have never been before. In many cases, these are just the opportunities for families to relax and discover the new features of the life, which they would not see if they only spend time on works.

Tho said that with the current job, he usually has to work on holidays, therefore, he tries to travel with the family on weekend. The destinations could be the suburbs, or they can go further to Binh Duong or Long An provinces with tailor made tours.

Many people may think that it would be less costly to organize tours themselves instead of booking tours with travel firms. However, Tho thinks that it would be better to use professional services.

“Professional tour designers can offer the tours with interesting activities, while we only have to enjoy the tours,” Tho said. “The trips can bring more friends to me, and business opportunities as well,” he added.

Tailor made tours are not very popular in Hanoi, but taking the tours is a growing tendency. Ha Dang Phu, a tour operator of a travel firm in Hanoi, said the clients are mostly office workers, not families. The travelers who book tailor made tours mostly pay attention to the purposes of the tours and team building activities, while they do not attach too much importance to the destinations.

“In general, they choose short distance tours, less than 100 kilometers, and the destinations which can provide high quality services such as Ba Vi, Tan Da resort, Dong Mo, Son Tay, Mai Chau, Dai Nai Lake or Tam Dao mountain.

Located near Hanoi and familiar to many people, but the destinations still can attract travelers with open space, natural beauty, good services, different cultural features which allow to organize interesting collective activities.

Phu said that tailor made tours still cannot attract tourists in the north, who have the habit of organizing tours themselves and do everything to cut down expenses. However, Phu also said that the marketing has not been done well to catch the attention of the public. Hieu Nguyen, a tour operator in HCM City, also said that people have changed their viewpoints about traveling. “It’s more important to decide who to go with than where to go,” he said.

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