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A pilgrimage tour to Ket Mountain

Ket Mountain in Tinh Bien district, southern province of An Giang, was formerly deserted where some narrow paths were made by locals. Over the past few years, Ket Mountain has been familiar to pilgrims, though.

The mountain was called Ket (Parrot) because there is a big rock that looks like the head of a parrot on the top of the mountain. The mountain slope is so steep that it can disappoint any mountaineers, especially in the hot season. Climbing up the mountain, tourists should now and then take a rest before arriving at a temple built in the middle of the mountain. Sitting on a bench under the shade of a Bodhi tree, travelers will have a peace of mind feeling.

Ket Mountain has up to 20 religious sites. It also has abundant caves, so in the past, two Buddhas and 12 other people came here to lead their religious lives. This, in turn, attracts quite a few pilgrims, especially Buddhist followers.

Huynh Long Temple was built in a giant rock next to a large yard. Legend has it that this is where Phat Thy Tây An (Buddha Master of Western Peace) and his followers meditated. Visitors will be surprised by the beauty and fresh air of the temple as if they were lost in the fairyland.

U Minh Temple has many statues of green and white snakes, and statues of buffalo-headed and horse-headed executors with their sinners in a cave. Entering the cave of the nearby Bodhisattva Temple, tourists will see the Ta Lon Mountain of Cambodia from afar.

Despite hot weather, trees on the mountain peak are still green and tourists feel the cool air. The fairy well and yard make travelers forget their tiredness and try their best to climb onto the 200-square-meter rock called Sân Tiên (fairy yard) where Huynh Phu So, a religious head, the Buddha Master of Western Peace and gods used to talk with each other.

According to documents of Bu Sn K Hng (Strange Fragrance from the Precious Mountain) religion, mystic Doan Minh Huyen (who became Buddha Master of Western Peace later) went around to treat fatal diseases for people. Later, he founded T Ân Hiu Ngha religion to extend deep gratitude to ancestors and parents, country, Triratna, compatriots and human kind. His tomb is situated behind the ancient pagoda of Tay An at the foot of Sam Mountain. The second Buddha of Ket Mountain was Huynh Phu So, who founded Hòa Ho religion based on Buddhism.

Strolling around big rocks and a staircase surrounded by iron barriers, visitors will reach the fairy well on the peak of Ket Mountain. Its water shines under the sunlight and is so clean, cool and sweet that many pilgrims bring it home to drink gradually. There are now apartments for pilgrims to stay overnight on the mountain.


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