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Hanoi: Tourist buses banned during peak hours

The city authorities have asked the Ministry of Transport to prohibit tourist coaches of 45 seats upwards to run in the city’s belt road 3 and internal roads during the peak hours, 6am-9am and 4.30pm-7.30pm.

Hanoi will also ban trucks of over one ton in weight from running on the belt road 2 and some key roads from 6am to 9pm. However, the city has not determined the time for start.

The local government told relevant agencies to strictly punish vehicles that stop and park on the pavement and road and those who illegally occupy pavements and roads.

Hanoi’s Chairman Nguyen The Thao said that these are measures to curb congestion in the city, particularly during the peak hours.

Previously, Hanoi permitted less than 15 percent of tourist buses to run in the city during the day (except for peak hours). However, the city had to remove the ban because of severe protest from big travel firms in Hanoi.


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