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Monkey Island

Dao Khi or the Monkey Island in Lan Ha Bay of Hai Phong city is a favorite destination on weekends or holidays. Visitors are eager to go there to have bath or have party with monkeys.

The Monkey Island.

The Monkey Island is one of a group of islands located in the Lan Ha Bay, which is only 45 minutes by boat from the Ha Long Bay of Quang Ninh province. To go to the island, visitors can take 40-minute boat from Haiphong city to Cat Ba Island and an additional 30 minute on boat from Cat Ba to the Monkey Island.

This is the only island in the Lan Ha Bay which is the home to dozens of monkeys. The troop of monkeys lives under the control of a red-face ‘monkey lady.” Tourists give monkeys funny names, based on their characters, such as “Old Man,” “Beauty,” “Beckham,” “Ronaldo,” “Split Lip,” etc. Monkeys are very friendly with tourists.

After having bath or walking through the island for sightseeing, visitors often take some food or fruit. That is also the show-time of monkeys, to ask for food and drink. Monkeys are also ready to have baths and play with tourists.

The “red-face” lady monkey.


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