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New tours launched in Quang Binh

People of different ages who love adventure and sightseeing can experience two new tours which were launched yesterday, April 23, by the administration board of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Water you’re waiting for: Exploring Phong Nha Cave by boat. (Photo: VNS)

“Discovering the nature of Rao Thuong River and En (Swallows) Cave” and “Exploring the mystery of the 1,500m deep Phong Nha cave” offer visitors a chance to discover much more of the park than before. Authorities hope that the tours will help develop tourism in Quang Binh Province.

With an estimated cost of US$280 per head, the former takes two days and one night for visitors to experience the untouched beauty of vast primeval forests, the charming green Rao Thuong River, and over 300 caves. Additionally, there is also the opportunity to experience the life and culture of the Bru-Van Kieu ethnic group.

At a cost of $30 per person, the latter lasts three hours and takes visitors 1,500m along an underground river in canoes.

“Each visitor will be equipped with a life jacket and every tour is accompanied by a lifeguard,” said Nguyen Manh Hung, one of the park administrators. The province plans to continue tours of well-known caves in tandem with the new services.

“National Tourism Month will be this June. We will organise new trekking tours that will help visitors discover more of the 1,500m of Phong Nha Cave,” said Nguyen Van Ky, deputy chairman of the provincial People’s Committee.

The tours are part of Quang Binh Culture and Tourism Week 2012 and 2012 National Tourism Year for the northern central region. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is commonly referred to as the “kingdom of caves”. Since the 1920s, the area has become famous for its cave systems. It currently holds a number of world records, including “largest cave system” and “the area with the highest number of underground rivers”.

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