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Con Dao attracts you this summer.

Vietnam tour – When traveling Con Dao, do not worry media issues, the transportation system by sea and air is growing. By exploring Con Dao was easier, infrastructure services more complete.

If you are a spiritual guide, when to Con Dao will not be able to ignore the Hang Duong cemetery visit. She’s resting place Friday, Le Hong Phong, Nguyen An Ninh and thousands of soldiers were gone.

After arriving at the cemetery, you can visit some of the artifacts left behind on Con Dao prison. There are many exhibits describing the crimes of colonial France, the US, Wei. Then take a tour of the infamous prison is hell: Camp Phu Son, Phu Tuong, Phu Hai, the tiger cages … You can visit the pier 914, the reason for naming the ship’s bridge 914 because there are 914 soldiers died when building.

Next, you should visit Anshan Temple, where the land associated with the names she played Lady Phi Yen, a non-story of King Gia Long.

If you are a lover of nature and the sea in Con Dao, let’s explore the forest and the sea where day.Con Dao Island has many small islands surrounding the main island, some islands have been doing some tour operators adventure tourism. The center of Con Dao, you can rent canoes or boats to ship to the islands: Hon Bay Canh islet, Finance, .. participated in many interesting activities: snorkeling and see where the production of pearls, watching turtles lay eggs, …

There are many fascinating islands that you will not be missed: the island of Finance – Hon Bay Canh – Hon Cau Tre lagoon or bay – beach Mr Dung – Eggs island. Along the way you can admire Kunshan and if lucky can see the dolphins. By exploring the island of Finance, you will see firsthand the red monkeys, listed in the Red Book of Vietnam. By Hon Bay Canh, please mooring outside the park and recreational fishing, diving colorful coral reefs, prior to visiting the island mangroves, sea turtle conservation station, watch turtles lay their eggs at night .. . Leaving Hon Bay Canh, ships continue to take you to kiss him. This is the second island of Con Dao with fresh water.

Con Dao National Park

It’s time to swim delight with blue water, watching the island, you can continue your exploration of Con Dao National Park. From the headquarters of Con Dao National Park is approximately 45 minutes walk, you will come Ray. This orchard is planted early twentieth century. Here, you learn, explore tropical rainforest, observation tower on the rangers Con Dao National Park Kunshan scenic and wildlife species.

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