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Memorial Experience BBQ Lunch on Beach

When you close your eyes and imagine about Vietnam, which pictures appear in your mind? Crazy traffic, delicious food, friendly people or some beautiful sightseeing, etc…For me, it’s about the BBQ lunch on beach at Halong bay.

Normally all of meals are served on boat, and when you want to experience lunch on beach, it is also depend on tide and weather permitting. This service is offered with private tour or special case.

For 2 day 1 night program you can enjoy lunch at Soi Sim beach and for 3 days 2 nights cruises, the beach should be Three Peaches beach (Ba Trai Dao) at Lan Ha bay, best known for its crystal clear sandy beaches. We are highly recommended have lunch on beach at Three Peaches which you will come up with a memorable and fulfilling experience in one of the most magical bays!

It will takes around 2 hours to get to Lan Ha bay and after some enjoyable kayaking, swimming or just relax on a stunning secluded beach there is no better way of treating yourself than with a private seafood barbecue on a quite beach. While you are taking a sunbath, our crew will set up an elegant dining table under beautiful umbrellas on the beach. Imagine for a moment that you are the only people on earth enjoying a fabulous meal under the clear blue sky on your own private beach.

Start with a glass of wine and proceed to enjoy an array of succulent, grilled seafood. The melodious music of the waves will put the finishing touches to the perfect. Enjoy an amazing BBQ lunch on beach which we are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

It’s an excellent choice for those who want to escape from their busy daily life and discover a whole new life in one of the world most beautiful landscape. Surely, the BBQ lunch on beach will bring you peaceful time that you have never experienced before.

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