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New resorts in Phu Quoc

Vietnam tours- I have a trip to the island of Phu Quoc, I have consulted many tourist tours in Vietnam, rent a bike and spend a day exploring the south island.
We also did what they recommend: cycling for about 20 km from the town of Duong Dong, Ham Ninh fishing village.
And it is a challenge for the trip was!
The route, like many others in Phu Quoc, is full of steep slopes. So, while it costs us only 100,000 or less than US $ 4.6, bicycle rental for one day, we had to spend a lot of energy to reach the destination. But what we have achieved in the trip is well worth the trouble.
In fact, we could not stop several times to take pictures of landscapes, still unspoiled by tourists.
Smiling, friendly local guy who gives us direction also won our hearts.
Ham Ninh is a typical fishing village with blue sea, white sand, boats moored along its wharves. But it also boasts a 300-meter high mountain gives it an exotic beauty.
After taking pictures of landscapes to the content of our heart, we look to fill our stomachs with fresh seafood.
The best and cheapest way to enjoy seafood in Ham Ninh, like many other places in Phu Quoc is to buy it directly from farmers and then ask people to cook it in return for some money.
Must be delicious Ham Ninh flower crabs, mantis shrimp and squid, which are usually boiled and served with a sauce made with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Simple as it may sound, it is the best way to enjoy fresh seafood.
For those who want to buy gifts for family and friends, the popular option is the male seahorse and tram – a common fungus in Phu Quoc which is also known as bitter bolete for English speakers.
Trai mo through a strawberry as commonly used in traditional medicine for pain due to rheumatic disorders, is also very popular with tourists.

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