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  • Who wrote a letter last rent in Saigon

    Who wrote a letter last rent in Saigon

    Ho Chi Minh City is home to many preserved buildings from the colonial period, the project features a mix of Asia – Europe create unique accents for the face of the city. One such project is the Central Post Office. We visit the Post Office to see firsthand the unique architectural style and to meet […]

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    Alright, so you’re sold on ecotourism, right? Now the real question is… What should you do on your trip to Vietnam? Well, here are a few starters for making some amazing green-memories. Go to the national parks!  There are so many parks to choose from in Vietnam. These national parks offer camping, hiking, boating, cultural […]

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  • Top 25 three Vietnam museums in Asia’s

    Top 25 three Vietnam museums in Asia’s

    The War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City made the list in the fifth position while the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and Vietnam Women’s Museum in came in sixth and 11th, thanks to large numbers of visits and high ratings on their displays. Ranked second among 73 attractions in Ho Chi Minh City by the popular […]

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  • Nha Trang Attraction

    Nha Trang Attraction

    Vietnam tours – Nha Trang is located in the Middle of Vietnam, belonging to Khanh Hoa Province. It is a Vietnam’s ocean city with a beautiful long beach. Nha Trang is best known for its beautiful sandy beaches. But you will also find amusement parks, mud baths, golf, and the historic monuments, as well as […]

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  • Dark Cave to fully open to visitors

    Dark Cave to fully open to visitors

    Which is now partly open to tourists, will be fully opened next month since experts have finished exploring its nearly 5.3-kilometer length Le Thanh Loi, director of the park’s tourism center, was quoted as saying that explorers found ancient limestone, stalactites and fossils possibly millions of years old. First discovered in 1990, Toi Cave had […]

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  • New resorts in Phu Quoc

    New resorts in Phu Quoc

    Vietnam tours- I have a trip to the island of Phu Quoc, I have consulted many tourist tours in Vietnam, rent a bike and spend a day exploring the south island. We also did what they recommend: cycling for about 20 km from the town of Duong Dong, Ham Ninh fishing village. And it is […]

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  • Goat fight in Vietnam would make Darwin proud

    Goat fight in Vietnam would make Darwin proud

    Vietnam tours- Every year, between September and October, tourists rush there in droves hoping to see the spectacular sight of ripen fields before they are being harvested. If you are planning a trip to Hoang Su Phi during this year’s harvest season, do not forget to add its goat fight festival to your itinerary. The […]

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