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Spring travel west

A spring tour of the western rivers that would be interesting. Not go far about 55 km from Tra Vinh Ba Dong beach. Ba Dong Beach Resort is located in Long Hoa Commune School. When visitors arrive here in the early morning. When the dew was deposited on each leaf. Tourism spring here to enjoy the fresh air. cool breeze gently, through individual who leaves vu. Birdsong St. pounding sounded somewhere in the ocean blue dome know. all blend together to create a peaceful pristine surroundings.

The scenery, the people here, where nature intertwined. I feel very close to nature. After a year of struggling with how much work is chaos. that we do not have a time to be thinking, not a minute to relax yourself before bustling life. Coming to this place close to nature makes sense mild dispel fatigue, the noisy bustle of urban place ..

Unlike the popular tourist beach another romantic landscape, blue sea, white sand beaches of pure, gentle wind … in combination amusement parks to attract visitors. The Three Sea attracts visitors with its own distinctive characteristics. In the wild, quiet and fresh air, with enthusiasm, friendliness and hospitality of the natives. It is what he has done for the Ba Dong changing clothes each day, the main tourist attraction in what mother nature has bestowed lands here. Surf steady buzz on the shore, the wind stronger each time a batch is featured by the waters here.

Sea water is not clear. But here turbid sea. Coating for water carrying silt soil. Every morning when the sun rising over the water and start the warm rays of the sun to its sandy beaches. It’s time fishing village people living here for a long, attached to this place prepared for his voyage. Scattered on the beach is the uncle whites worked ever since. The whites pay themselves painstakingly built their will on the sand dunes but a small circular waves lapping against the shore was accidentally swept away and mag with all that everything returns to its third position. Somebody wrote on the verse: Caucasian se Sand Sea. Hardships that the officers should not do.
In addition, visitors can tour the spring walk the rolling sand dunes, vast or to other attractions is the lighthouse, shrimp farms, the isles … or maybe Kite , play sports such as volleyball, badminton.
But mining is long, but Ba Dong Beach still retain their pristine simplicity. Guests who has ever come up here are not forgotten and saved a lot of memories.

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