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Suggest some beautiful beaches in Con Dao

Referring to Con Dao, travelers often think about war crimes happened here. Besides Con Dao is also known as a tourist paradise, with beautiful beaches surrounded by pristine white sand beaches.

Here are some beautiful beaches that you might be interested in:

Hon Bay Canh: is the second largest island after Kunlun, blue sea water mixed with whispering waves. Creator eroded cliff with all the amazing picture. Quiet space with a light breeze make visitors can hardly forget.

Cowardly Beach: the beach is only a few hours in the day, when evening sunset a wide sandy beaches, combined with the peaceful scenery make this place a mysterious beauty and poetic.

Lo Voi Beach: with a clear blue sea combined with soft waves, surrounded with sand stretches, on the shores of the ancient ocean every shade. Well suited for travelers who want to watch the sea and sun.

Dam Trau Beach: the area became the boys love her but can not come together because they are brothers and father. It also has white sandy beaches run along the beach, blue water, the breeze kept themselves a wild character, pure but captivating tourists.

Dam Tre Beach : Like the other bays in Con Dao Island, Bay Dam Tre is the convergence of the dense coral reefs and the most beautiful pop Vietnam, with the primeval forests remain diverse and pristine caves stone with thousands of nests factor most popular tourist attraction here.

Shark Nose: If Cowardly Beach is the place for tourists sunset Shark Nose is the ideal location for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise on earth Con Dao. On the Nose Shark, one feels the wild, majestic travelers by steep cliffs on one side while giving guests a feeling of freedom, comfort by the immense, wide sea . Tourists will feel comfortable unspoiled beauty that nature presents to friends and family and enjoy the wonderful moments of rest here.

Forest Primeval He Collision: This is the forest primeval flora contains a varied and plentiful. After a long journey through the forest primeval, tourists will stop at park Mr Dung, where visitors can participate in the program diving to admire the beauty of the world’s coral reefs and marine life interesting.

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