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This summer should go?

Travelling Con Dao to discover paradise Hawaii Monday, experience a perfect summer. Con Dao is an archipelago consists of 16 beautiful unspoiled island, located to the southeast, and is considered one of the romantic islands of Asia.

Beautiful scenery and unspoiled beaches in Con Dao:

Con Dao National Park

Can tell if you have one come to Con Dao, then you will never forget the beauty of nature Con Dao can be great, it converges all the elements necessary for a beach beautiful. As well as additional gift for poetic beauty of this place certainly left with the dark history of Con Dao.

Try it once, along the island by bike, make sure you will be amazed by the clear blue waters along the embankments around the island, distant mountains covered with a green color in the landscape becomes mysterious stranger usually.
By exploring Con Dao to put eyes watching the landscape, but also swimming and sunbathing to Dam Trau Beach, one of the most amazing beaches of Con Dao. Featured with fine white sand, blue sea, surrounded by colorful coral reefs.

Rated as one of the most mysterious island world:

In 213, Lonely Planet Magazine has voted to Con Dao island is one of the world’s most mysterious. For the past was fortified prison of the French and Americans, known as “hell on earth”.

In contrast perfectly with the dark past, Con Dao is the Creator endowed with the blue sea, white sand surrounded around. Inside the prison island is a lot of torture of political prisoners, so this beautiful island associated with paranormal stories. After being discovered and discover dark secrets, the island has become a popular tourist destination, attracting many tourists at home and abroad.

Pristine beaches in the world:

A place with beautiful scenery and fresh natural, to Con Dao. You will easily catch many kinds of rare wildlife. With the slogan of environmental protection, you can participate in some fun activities conservation slowest animal planet: see turtles laying eggs and helps protect the drive cover.

Where many luxury resorts:

The peace and quiet of Con Dao is suitable for those who want to relax in the upcoming summer tour, experience the simple life of the locals, as well as refreshing escape the everyday convenience. Travel Con Dao, you will have a wide choice of accommodation, since it focuses pretty much standard hotel 4 and 5 stars depending on the different needs.

Some hotels Con Dao quite famous:

• Six Senses Con Dao
• Con Dao Sea Travel Resort
• Con Dao Resort
• ATC Con Dao Resort

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