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Vietnam’s biggest Buddhist festival begins its three-month run

Vietnam tours – The annual Huong Pagoda Festival in Hanoi received roughly 3,000 pilgrims and tourists on Tuesday, the first day of its three-month run.

Nguyen Chi Thanh, who manages the pagoda, told Tuoi Tre newspaper that this year’s opening day of the festival is less crowded than previous years.

“Thanks to the good weather, visitors arrived a few days before the festival began, helping ease the usual congestion,” Thanh said.

Huong Pagoda, located in Hanoi’s suburban My Duc District, is a vast complex of temples and shrines built into the Huong Tich mountain system in the 17th century.

People catch drops of water from a stalactite in Huong Tich Cave on February 24, 2015 on hopes that the water will bring luck to them in the year ahead.

The opening ceremony of the Huong Pagoda Festival takes place on February 24, 2015, or the sixth day of the first lunar month.

Monks and pilgrims burn incense on the first day of the three-month festival.

Children perform during the opening ceremony of the festival.


Roughly 3,000 pilgrims and tourists visit the Huong Pagoda on the first day of the festival.

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