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While you still stay in Nha Trang the red leaf leaves

Vietnam tours– Tropical almond trees in the coastal resort town Nha Trang are changing their leaves this season, adding stunning red dashes to the blue picture.

nhatrang a tropical almond

A tropical almond tree with red leaves in front of Tram Huong Tower, the icon of Nha Trang.

red leaves

Red leaves against the blue sky.

the leaves as seen from

The leaves as seen from a motorbike’s rear-view mirror.

local enjoy time

Old men by the sea, and the red almond leaves. Locals said the trees start changing leaves in late February and it’s the most refreshing time of the year when the air is pure and cool –Vietnam tours

old men by the sea

Locals enjoy time under an almond tree by the sea.

many foreign visitors

Many foreign visitors have also come to town this season.

the last red leaf

The last red leaf.

boys share a popsicle

Boys share a popsicle under a tropical almond tree whose leaves have turned green.

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