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Who wrote a letter last rent in Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City is home to many preserved buildings from the colonial period, the project features a mix of Asia – Europe create unique accents for the face of the city. One such project is the Central Post Office. We visit the Post Office to see firsthand the unique architectural style and to meet directly a very famous here.

Central Post Office newer 9am but muffled winter visitors, even in the front yard of each group of tourists to take photographs of or listen to voice-guided tour. Central Post Office was built in 1860 and completed in 1863.Toa home has two floors, downstairs is the place to welcome people and tourists, the upper floor is the office of the Post Office. Outside, just highlight the text area Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City and a large clock. Step inside greeted us was large portrait of President Ho Chi Minh, Uncle face gentle, compassionate, warm smile to any residents and tourists here.
The system is very distinctive dome, dome supported by four pillars of iron, long arch is supported by two rows of pillars on either side. The cell phone is decorated wooden fussy, very skillfully carved, impressed with the visitors here. Along the rows of the table of the Postal Service, at the central area and the sides of the Post Office are souvenirs, handicrafts and furniture, clothing, jewelry … .Is presentation sell a lot here and always busy travelers choose to purchase.

But what particularly attracted me here there is a small corner tucked away behind the counter selling souvenirs. It has rows of long wooden table, where a physician has received written elders sitting, care or support the mailing. I spoke to the doctor’s name is said Duong Van Ngo, 84 years old this year. Days before doctors working in the post office downtown, but retired in 1990. Then physician job or hiring services write a letter of that date to now, have calculated 24 years. The tourists come here love to chat with the doctor, because most doctors are French and French-speaking English very well, they ask for permission to be photographed, filmed and doctors. I think one day have so many tourists visit, he must talk to a lot of people, but doctors still happy to answer every question them, they are ready for shooting. Physicians say they endear myself to be so, sometimes visitors also send gifts to doctors. Physicians also showing me the new city television recording invitation, they sent physician remuneration, he took all the children and brought his wife gave it all. Then the doctor showed me pictures that visitors gifted physician, including Hoai Linh Figure artists pose again.

I have recently asked the doctor, the doctor said its not in the Thi Nghe, every day cycling through this work, working time, then the rest of the post office, doctors do not because of money, doctors do to the water in addition to a better understanding, more loving country Vietnam alone. I remember the doctor saying this. Sitting talk a little more about me permission to not disturb the work of doctors.
When your feet out of the Post Office, I remember the doctor saying earlier. Physicians as a living symbol, a historical witness to the rise and fall of the Post Office, not only that the country of Vietnam also have to thank the doctors of the silent contribution to the people of Vietnam image in the eyes of tourists outside. I thought the new doctor’s tourism ambassadors of our great, at least in my eyes. Physicians increasingly strong desire to stick longer work so special.

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