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  • Pho Hien – Hoi An of the north

  • Hoa Binh Things To Do

    Hoa Binh Things To Do

    Hoa Binh Reservoir. Have you ever heard the name “Ha long bay in Mountain ?” this is Hoa Binh ‎reservoir. This is the biggest man-made reservoir in Vietnam that not only supplies ‎water for the Hydro-electric power plant in Hoa Binh but also an attractive tourist ‎destination. With the length of 230 km, the surface […]

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  • Hoa Binh Overview

    Hoa Binh Overview

    Hoa Binh is a mountainous province, acting as a gateway to the North-West of Vietnam, 76 kilometers from Hanoi capital. The province of Hoa Binh embraces beautiful natural landscape and has a rich culture and history. It is also home to six ethnicities, including Muong, Kinh, Thai, Tay, Dao, H’Mong with a combination of harmonized cultural […]

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  • Chau Doc Things To Do

    Chau Doc Things To Do

    Chau Doc Boat Trips As you walk along the Bassac River towards the grandiose Victoria hotel you’ll find no end of people trying to get you to hire their little boat to go out and see the fish farms which are common here. At around $2 an hour this isn’t a bad way to experience […]

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  • Chau Doc Overview

    Chau Doc Overview

    Chau Doc history The site of Chau Doc was long in history a territory of the Kingdom of Funan. The territory became Vietnam’s about 300 years ago. The town is near the picturesque mount of Sam where the Sam mount lady (Vietnamese: Ba Chua Nui Sam) is worshipped. The Sam Mount Lady Ceremony is held […]

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  • Can Tho Overview

    Can Tho Overview

    The Delta’s Can Tho province sprawls westwards from the eponymous provincial capital along the southern bank of the Bassac (Hau) River — the larger of the two branches of the Mekong River. Bordered to the west by An Giang and Tien Giang provinces, to the south by Hau Giang and to the north, on the […]

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  • Can Tho History

    Can Tho History

    Can Tho was formally proclaimed and put on map of Vietnam in 1739, named Tran Giang. Along with vicissitudes in national history, it experienced changes in appellation and administrative territory. Every historical stage elapsed with new progresses made in Can Tho, which is believed the forging process of its today’s inherent strength. Such element resulted […]

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