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Chau Doc Overview

Chau Doc history
The site of Chau Doc was long in history a territory of the Kingdom of Funan. The territory became Vietnam’s about 300 years ago. The town is near the picturesque mount of Sam where the Sam mount lady (Vietnamese: Ba Chua Nui Sam) is worshipped. The Sam Mount Lady Ceremony is held every April of lunar calendar (May) every year.
Chau Doc population
Vietnamese, Champa, Khmer live together in harmony here. The three main religions in this region are Mahayana Buddhism (Kinh/Vietnamese,Hoa/Chinese); Theravada Buddhism (Khmer/Cambodian), and Sunni Islam (Cham). The total population is around 120,000 with a vast majority of Kinh (Viet) on the Khmer Krom space.
Chau Doc economy
The honous paper in Châu Phú templeChâu Đốc is famous for its variety of fish sauces (nước mắm) and mainly “mắm thái”, a kind of anchovy. The local economy is based on culture of basa catfish export and on tourism. The town is a busy trading center due to its border position with Cambodia.

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