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  • Hanoi Museums & Attractions

    Hanoi Museums & Attractions

    Museums Bao Tang My Thuat is a tri-level art museum featuring historic and contemporary art work from Hanoi and the surrounding area. Ho Chi Minh Museum is a mausoleum featuring informative displays about the famous Ho Chi Minh. Hoa Lo Prison is a Vietnam Memorial site which is housed in an old jail used during […]

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  • Hanoi Getting Around

    Hanoi Getting Around

    Visitors often rent a car when they arrive at the airport in Hanoi. This is an inexpensive option and considered to be efficient. However, travelers should be aware that, in general, renting a car in Hanoi means renting a driver. Car rental companies assign drivers as guides to assist visitors in getting around the area. […]

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  • Hanoi Weather and When to Go

    The average winter high temperature in Hanoi is approximately sixty five degrees (F) and it rarely rains from November through February, so this is a good time for travelers to consider visiting the area.  There is also a large celebration in the area at the beginning of the year which many tourists enjoy. From February […]

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  • Hanoi Architecture

    Hanoi Architecture

    There are two main things you’ll probably notice about the architecture in Hanoi. Firstly there’s the foreign influences, particularly from the French colonial period, and secondly, that many houses and buildings in Vietnam seem seem to be very tall and narrow. The reason for this is the way people are/were taxed on property – by […]

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  • Hanoi Nightlife

    Hanoi Nightlife

    The nightlife in Hanoi is an active nightlife generally divided in to two subcategories. There are the quieter bars which are generally enjoyed by a slightly older and mellower crowd. There may be live entertainment at these bars but it is generally played at a level which allows for conversation in the bar. The other […]

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  • Hanoi History

    Hanoi History

    Hanoi has been inhabited since at least 3000 BC. One of the first known permanent settlements is the Co Loa citadel founded around 200 BC. Hanoi has had many names throughout history, all of them of Sino-Vietnamese origin. During the Chinese domination of Vietnam, it was known as Tống Bình (“Song Peace”) and Long Đỗ […]

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