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Ho Chi Minh City Architecture

Unexpected architectural delights found in Ho Chi Minh City are the Post Office with its arched high ceilings (look up!), and the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is supposed to be a smaller replica of the original. As in other big cities in Viet nam, Ho Chi Minh City has a mixture of architectural styles between the modern and the traditional. There are not as many old buildings here compared to Ha Noi. Some people believe that Ho Chi Minh City is like Bangkok which includes so many tall modern buildings.

There is also still a Soviet style here which is most obvious in local apartment buildings and companies which look quite ugly and old. Besides that, there are hundreds of cute houses and beautiful villas around the city, some of which follow the French style and some just a very simple style. Some houses are almost falling over because the government built new roads. I think it’s quite impressive that people still live in these houses, ignoring the dangers waiting for them at any moment. Do you think it’s worth it to risk your life like that? I do agree that the expression “Land is gold” is right for Ho Chi Minh City, where the tiniest space is used for doing business. It’s also the reason why there are so many narrow tall buildings in this city. I hope this satisfies my readers who wanted a comparison of the Architecture In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. In my opinion, both are beautiful even though there are distinct differences.

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