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Ho Chi Minh City Weather & When to Go

The city has a tropical climate, specifically a tropical wet and dry climate, with an average humidity of 75%. The year is divided into two distinct seasons. The rainy season, usually begins in May and ends in late November. The dry season lasts from December to April. The average temperature is 28 °C (82 °F), the highest temperature sometimes reaches 39 °C (102 °F) around noon in late April, while the lowest may fall below 16 °C (61 °F) in the early mornings of late December.

The biggest national festival in Vietnam occurs in late January or early February and is called Tet.  This is an excellent time to vist the country, as the streets erupt with color and… well… festivities. Tet lasts about a week (or, for some Vietnamese party animals, up to a month) and is scheduled around the lunar calendar, so you’ll have to check for this year’s dates. Make sure to come to Ho Chi Minh a few days before Tet to enjoy the festival atmosphere because almost all shops and restaurants will close during  Tet holiday so be careful if you want to buy some souvenir or go out to try some traditional food during that time.

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