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  • Hoa Binh Things To Do

    Hoa Binh Things To Do

    Hoa Binh Reservoir. Have you ever heard the name “Ha long bay in Mountain ?” this is Hoa Binh ‎reservoir. This is the biggest man-made reservoir in Vietnam that not only supplies ‎water for the Hydro-electric power plant in Hoa Binh but also an attractive tourist ‎destination. With the length of 230 km, the surface […]

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  • Hoa Binh Overview

    Hoa Binh Overview

    Hoa Binh is a mountainous province, acting as a gateway to the North-West of Vietnam, 76 kilometers from Hanoi capital. The province of Hoa Binh embraces beautiful natural landscape and has a rich culture and history. It is also home to six ethnicities, including Muong, Kinh, Thai, Tay, Dao, H’Mong with a combination of harmonized cultural […]

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