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Nha Trang Museums & Attractions

The most famous museum in Nha Trang is the Alexandre Yersin Museum which is located within the Pasteur Institute.  This museum commemorates the life long work of one of the area’s most famous scientists who helped to cure diseases in the area during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  It costs less than $2 to visit, so it is worth a stop even for travelers who think they might not be terrifically interested in scientific history.

Travelers can spend less than half of this already minimal amount to get in to the National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam.  The big draw here is the aquarium featuring live ocean life from the surrounding area.  There are also skeletal displays of local sea life and informative exhibits about the nature of the area.

Travelers who do not even want to spend a few dollars can still see some interesting attractions in Nha Trang, with the most famous of them being the Long Son Pagoda.  It is open very day from eight in the morning until five at night and visitors come from all over the see the nearly eighty feet tall Buddha statute located at its main center.  Visitors can also take a look at smaller statues and pictures of religious figures of importance to Nha Trang history.

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