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  • Da Lat History

    Da Lat History

    During the 1890s, explorers in the area (including the noted bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin , protégé of the renowned French chemist Louis Pasteur), which was then part of the French territory of Cochinchina, asked the French governor-general Paul Doumer to create a resort center in the highlands. The governor agreed. The original intended site for the […]

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  • Dalat Dalat and Lam Dong Overview

    Dalat Dalat and Lam Dong Overview

    Being the capital city of Lam Dong Province, Dalat has its own poetic and romantic charm at 1,500 meters above sea level and 18ºC everage temperature. Many of most famous and beautiful lakes and waterfalls in Vietnam can be found here together with hills, pine-tree forests, vegetable gardens and flowers. Dalat has more than 300 French villas scattered on the hills giving […]

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  • Nha Trang Weather & When to Go

    Nha Trang Weather & When to Go

    Nha Trang sees beautiful weather from February through October, and the only drawback to the other months of the year is that winter is the rainy season in the area. The temperatures are moderate throughout the year, staying somewhere between an average low of sixty five degrees and an average high of eighty five degrees. […]

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  • Nha Trang Health & Safety

    Nha Trang Health & Safety

    Travelers need to be savvy if they are going to make Nha Trang their destination.  This is because the area is fraught with petty crime which is frequently directed right at tourists.  Part of the reason that this takes place is that there are always large crowds of people where tourists gather, making it easy […]

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  • Nha Trang Museums & Attractions

    Nha Trang Museums & Attractions

    The most famous museum in Nha Trang is the Alexandre Yersin Museum which is located within the Pasteur Institute.  This museum commemorates the life long work of one of the area’s most famous scientists who helped to cure diseases in the area during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  It costs less than $2 […]

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  • Nha Trang Off the Beaten Path

    Nha Trang Off the Beaten Path

    Yang Bay Waterfall Are you sick of the beach or too sunburn to spend another day on the coast? Off the beaten track is the refreshing Yang bay Waterfall. It is a relaxing day out. About 2 hour towards the mountains, this are consists of beautiful and unspoit various small water fall and natural pool with […]

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  • Hue Attraction Sites

    Hue Attraction Sites

    Imperial Citadel (Đại Nội) The former imperial seat of government and Hue’s prime attraction, this is a great sprawling complex of temples, pavilions, moats, walls, gates, shops, museums and galleries, featuring art and costumes from various periods of Vietnamese history. Thanks to its size, it is also delightfully peaceful – a rare commodity in Vietnam. […]

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